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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello my lovelies!
I cannot believe finals are upon us. This morning I had my first final and it feels so good to have finally finished a module. Sure, it was the hardest module of the lot and I am super, duper worried that I haven't even passed (seriously - it was that bad! We'll have to see what happens!), but it's nice to feel like I accomplished something. I have had nothing but trouble with it and I 100% didn't have the pre-requisites and no matter how much work I did I just couldn't get anything.

Pro-tip: if you are going abroad and are choosing modules make sure you know exactly what is being covered. The websites can often be quite vague and that definitely made things 77 times harder for me than it should have been.

Anyway, it has been a super hectic past few weeks due to it being my birthday and Liv's birthday. There have been more house parties than I can count. I have had assessments due in and spent all day in The Beanery working on ridiculous questions that I cannot do. I have managed to do my first presentation (and it went pretty well!) and to top it all off I have now come to the conclusion that I actually love it here and could not even think about going back home. It's crazy how just a few weeks can completely change how you feel.

First up, I had my 21st birthday! I spend the day shopping Downtown and then went out for dinner in the evening. I held a little shindig in my flat on the friday night too and got to wear a tiara too. I wore the dress sent to me by eShakti (see post here) and just had a super lovely evening. It was nice to forget about work for a couple of days - I really should do that more often (don't tell my lecturers that!)

The following Wednesday it was Liv's birthday and we went to go see Avenue Q. I have performed the majority of the show but never actually seen it in full and it was absolutely amazing. I was laughing the entire time - it's definitely worth a see (but do not bring anyone under the age of 18 or your parents - you have been warned!) We ended up going out for drinks afterwards (even though I had two lab reports to write and I felt like such a rebel but it was so worth it).

Two days later I actually went to a chemistry event. Two bucks a beaker should be a thing everywhere and I will bring it back to UEA because I have never felt cooler. I may or may not have headed to a house party afterwards where I got to wear a moustache and sombrero. It appears that as finals were edging closer I ended up going out more. Apparently that's a thing here and I quite like it.

I unfortunately had to stop going out because - you know - finals. I did a little too much shopping on Black Friday and then it started snowing so I bought a ski coat which I now live in. It's crazy how lightweight but warm they are! I feel the complete opposite of fashionable in a jumper, jeans, boots, ski coat and beanie but I actually fit in on campus now - it's pretty much all you see people wearing.

So that's it. 1/3 finals done and this time in two weeks I'll be at home for Christmas, watching an awful film and learning the periodic table. I can't wait to see everyone back home but I also kind of wish I was staying in Van for Christmas. Anyway, back to work  - I do have another 2 finals to pass after all!


  1. Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. I'm so gutted I didn't investigate study abroad this semester as it seems like such a great experience. Good luck with your finals! xx

    Megan // Lazy Thoughts

  2. You seem to be having such a good time! I'd love to go to Canada. Good luck with your finals :) x

  3. Really wish you the best of luck with your finals! But it is lovely to spend some time with everyone, being social and generally enjoying it all. It must all be such an amazing experience! :)

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella

  4. How nice "_)

  5. Happy birthday! And good luck with your finals! I'm having my first set of finals and I'm not so stressed but I don't think that's a bad thing. / Funny creator style person.

  6. Good luck with your next two finals. Nice to see your now starting to think of Van as home. sounds like you've been having an amazing time.

    Hayley \\ Compass To Guide

  7. good luck ! :*


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