LIFESTYLE // A 2018 Roundup and those dreaded resolutions

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Hi there!

The amount of times I have sat at this keyboard thinking 'today is the day I'll write a new blog post' is not endless but if I had £1 for every time it happened I'd probably have a new pair of shoes.

However, like anything, I'm going to take it slow for the time being rather than going in all guns blazing. I'll be honest, I thought I'd go to the gym three times this week but after a harder than expected Boxercise class (also known as Fight Club - but I wasn't told I couldn't talk about it) I'm now shuffling around like a penguin and couldn't even make it down the stairs. So, for this reason alone - I'm not going to be a lean, mean, constantly writing machine throwing out posts like confetti. We'll ignore the lean bit.

TRAVEL // A weekend in London #1

Monday, 26 February 2018

Hello there!
Aren't long weekends just the best? I mean seriously THE BEST. Better than the fact that Krispy Kreme now do doughnut holes (which are just American Timbits and only come in one flavour so are not the same). I booked last Friday off and got the train down to London with bae for our anniversary. We originally wanted to go abroad but somehow 2018 has been going so quickly it was as if we blinked and then OH WOW our anniversary is in 2 weeks.

So, we booked a beautiful hotel with good transport links and hopped on a train (because yay the environment) and wandered around the capital spending money like we had it. Unfortunately, I'm just a PhD student and he acts part time so we have decided to not leave the house for the next month. It was totally worth it though.

LIFESTYLE // Does it make me a bad person?

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Hello there! 
Over the past few weeks I have felt judged. I don't just mean on my work, or on what I'm wearing but for some of the most insignificant things I do. Sure, displaying the highlights of my life on social media is calling for people to have opinions on my choices but it isn't confined to the internet. So, I've decided to list a few things I've been moaned at about recently because, if I'm being honest, it's making me feel like a bad person.