STUDY // How to pack up your life after your year abroad*

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Hello there!
With all of the huge decisions I've got going on right now I started procrastinating and reminisced about my time in Vancouver last year. I can honestly say that doing a year abroad is one decision I do not regret making one bit. From the people I met, to the places I saw, and experiences I had, it was such a great decision to go. I looked back at some of my past posts and whilst I have written about what to pack when you leave to go abroad, I haven't yet spoken on how to pack up your entire life at the end. As it just so happens, I have recently been contacted by Uni Baggage who have got a great deal for you guys who need to ship stuff home. If you'd like to hear a  few tips from a girl who has been there and done that, and receive a pretty discount, feel free to read on!

LIFESTYLE // Instagram Update

Friday, 18 March 2016

Hello there!
What can I say? I've had a mad few weeks. Between interviews, writing up my Masters project, gigs, birthdays and socials it feels good to finally start my Easter break. Sure, it actually started on Monday and I have spent all week at my desk in the dark looking at spectra. Now almost 12,000 words are written and I've reached a crazy 63 pages so feel that I can take a couple of days off and read a book or two without too guilty. 

LIFESTYLE // Current Obsessions

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hey there!
It has gotten to that point in the semester when work is starting to take over. I've got coursework, the write up of my project, a show to rehearse, a show to perform, university visits and interviews, exercising, ballet, birthdays and that is just the start of it. I hope that explains why I have been a little quiet recently (and will be for the next couple of months) although I'm trying super hard to get one post up a week for you guys.

Today I thought I'd share a few of my current obsessions that are keeping me sane during this crazy time. When a girl's got work to do, that means she has to up her procrastination too afterall.