BEAUTY // My first Lush Face mask

Monday, 31 August 2015

Is it just me, or is the entire blogosphere obsessed with Lush right now? I have had friends whose lives depend on Lush products and seeing all the positive reviews out there I went and bought my first ever item of their skincare range - a face mask. I originally wanted Cupcake but it appeared to be for oily teenage skin which is the opposite of my dry/sensitive skin which gets the occasional breakout. Instead, I opted for the absolutely delicious smelling Oatifix mask which is meant to be an intense moisturizer for dry skin.

FASHION // Job Interviews: 1 shirt, 3 ways*

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hello you!
We've all been there. We've all had a job interview and thought 'oh dear, what am I going to wear?!'. I personally hate having to choose an outfit for an interview because there are so many variables and who knows what your future employer is looking for. Do they want me to show my personality? Do they want me to show my professionalism? Surely they won't recognize me if I turn up in the same black suit as everyone else will they?

Whilst I'm not graduating and looking for jobs yet, a lot of my friends are and surely enough, they are going through this dilemma of what to wear. I didn't want to think about my workwear wardrobe until I was contacted for a company called City Calling. Whilst they have made it easy to browse a wide variety of jobs online whilst watching Netflix in your pyjamas, there still is that issue of what to wear if you get that all important interview. However, after looking over at some of the jobs online with City Calling, I have been inspired to start preparing my workwear wardrobe. After all, if I want that all important Graduate job, I'm going to have to look good.

BEAUTY // How to never pay full price for High End Makeup

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I love high end make-up. I mean full on LOVE it. I really wasn't into the whole expensive beauty thing up until about a year ago and I got my first MAC lipstick. From then on I have been unstoppable on my mission to fill my make-up bag with items I never thought I could afford in my wildest dreams. Well, on a student budget it doesn't seem quite right to spend £40 on an eyeshadow palette when I can get the same tones for £5 in Superdrug. I don't quite like the idea of spending £16 on a lipstick when there are plenty of dupes on the high-street. However, the majority of my make-up that I use on a daily basis is a little on the pricer side and I have not paid full price for one item. Isn't that the dream?

So, I thought I would share my tricks of the trade and perhaps help you save a little money when it comes to buying your favourite high-end brands. Sound good?


LIFESTYLE // Something old, Something new tag

Monday, 24 August 2015

Hello there!
First off, thank you to the lovely Bianca at Ditsy Sprinkles who tagged me in her new tag: Something old, something new. It's just a simple tag to help share some happiness and favourite blogs, both new and old.

BEAUTY // Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish

Friday, 21 August 2015


Recently I have really been interested in skincare. It's a summer thing generally. I'll actually moisturize and occasionally exfoliate and get 8 hours of sleep a night. However, this time round I have lasted a whole month of cleansing every day and I'm proud. I will not lie to you. The reason I have kept up with my new skincare routine is because of this cleanser. Yes, I know. That's a big statement but I can tell you that I am being 100% honest. I absolutely love this cleanser.

TRAVEL // Hawaii Disposables

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

During these rainy days I just keep reminiscing about my trip to Hawaii in February (see original post here). All I want to do is go back and spend all day on the beach, eating pineapple and getting stranded on the side of the street because the bus timetable doesn't exist. Thankfully, I realized that I never actually shared the snaps from my disposable camera. It may have annoyed people to no end but, not gonna lie, my favourite photos 100% came from it.

BEAUTY // MAC Velvet Teddy

Monday, 17 August 2015

Remember that post saying I bought two MAC lipsticks? Well, that was not a lie and the second baby I bought was the one, the only Velvet Teddy. I once said that if I ever saw it in stock in a store that I'd buy it but, when I got it for half price online, I had to give it a go. My friend Louise (aka Fern) had it and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried hers out. I'm not the sort of person who can work nudes, especially brown toned ones, but this lipstick could not look more different on, in comparison to the tube, if it tried.

FASHION // Breakfast with BooHooPlus

Friday, 14 August 2015

The other day (it was a sunny Wednesday) I attended a lovely breakfast with some of the lovely girls at BooHooPlus. I walked past the beautiful flower display at Liberty's and towards a breakfast full of pastries, mini cupcakes and, of course, coffee. Myself, along with the other wonderful bloggers, had a good chat and look at some of the new BooHooPlus A/W collection. There is plenty of glitter, sparkle and fur coming up and man, I am super excited!


BEAUTY // Urban Decay: Naked Smoky

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Man, my blog has been pretty beauty inspired recently. After working for a couple of months I feel like I can finally spend money again and with deals here, there and everywhere, keeping my purse strings tight is very difficult right now.

Anyway, today's post involves a new #myprecious in the form of the new Urban Decay palette. I had one look at this palette and knew it needed to be mine. I was going to get the Naked 1 but decided that was far too similar to the 2 (which I already own - see review here) and when Feel Unique were offering £10 off when you spend £30 I couldn't buy this fast enough. For £28 I am very, very happy with this palette! £38 is just too much for me - that's the price of a fancy dress (which I may have just bought from ASOS - oops!).

STUDY // Let's scrap the stigma on clearing

Monday, 10 August 2015

I have a confession to make - I got into my university through clearing.

I hate that students believe that by getting into clearing is a bad thing. Sure, it's a stressful thing, a tearful thing and probably the most traumatic experience of my life but, for me, it wasn't because I saw clearing as a bad thing. I was stressed because my offer got sent to the wrong email and I ended up then calling lots of other universities trying to get offers but, ultimately, I didn't feel like they were the university for me.

Anyway, yes - clearing is stressful but can lead to you going to a better university than you have ever thought. Everyone has reasons for not getting their target grades in their A Levels whether it be pressure, illness or clashing exams (I'm still not over it okay). There's a surprisingly big jump between AS and A2 and so your AS grades may not be representative of your A2 grades. If you are no longer getting those A's and start getting C's all you can do is work - but that isn't always enough for the examining boards who see 75% as a B.

STUDY // What to pack for your study abroad

Friday, 7 August 2015

So, you're leaving for your year abroad eh? You're probably sitting in your room, looking at a pile of 8 pairs of jeans and pondering how you'll cut your selection down to just 3 pairs. If you aren't yet, you will do soon and I suggest you do this sooner rather than later - y'know - just in case. You don't want to pack the day before to find your favourite jeans have a massive hole in them and the shops close in 10 minutes (not personal experience AT all).

Anyway, when I went on my year abroad I scoured the internet looking for help with what to pack. I didn't find too much that I didn't already know and so found I was horrifically underprepared. Okay, maybe that is an overstatement. However, I thought I'd share a few things with you that just may make the transition easier and you'll be so glad you packed.

BEAUTY // MAC girl about town

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Is it just me, or when there is an offer on MAC lipsticks, it is impossible not to make a cheeky purchase. I had a voucher from Amber for MAC at Debenhams and, with the £5 off of two lipsticks thanks to my favourite holiday of the year (ahem National Lipstick Day), I got two lipsticks for the price of one. Can I just say HELL YES. I have not paid full price for a MAC lipstick yet and I will not in a hurry.

LIFESTYLE // Scrapbook Update #3

Monday, 3 August 2015

Hey there!
Here is the final instalment of my scrapbook updates! It has been finished for a little while and I'm onto my next project (such a creative one me - not!). This book sits on my coffee table and I smile at it like a proud mother as I actually finished it. Either way, here we go!