Study // Where has semester 2 gone?!?!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I sit here writing this post and watching an episode of Once Upon a Time thinking just one thing - where has semester 2 gone? I have two more lab sessions (although still 5 reports to write - boo!) and that's it! Sure, I still have lectures and 6th mid term and problem sets and a paper due before we even make it to exam season but still. That's it! It's incredibly exciting but absolutely petrifying at the same time. I don't want to go back to the UK just yet - that's for sure.

Since coming back from Hawaii I have just been working non-stop. I had 4 mid-terms in one week and then still 2 lab reports a week as well. I'm trying to think back at what I have been doing since Spring Break and I'm pretty sure the answer is... well nothing!

I have been working super hard and trying to do the best in my classes as I can. I can say that Will turned 21 and we definitely celebrated in style. We went to The Eatery in Kits for a gorgeous meal. They have the nicest cocktails (hello Hello Kitty and Yellow Submarine) and their food was pretty darn good too. They do the strangest sushi combinations which all of my friends loved. I stayed safe and got a Chicken Katsu which was super yummy and it taught me to use chopsticks. It was a proud moment.

The next evening he had a little party which was a complete blast. It's always lovely to see everyone and sometimes it is nice to just have a few drinks a little closer to home. We got him a fro yo cake from Menchies (my new obsession) which I could eat in it's entirety. Sprinkles and fuzzy peaches? Yes please.

We treated Will even further by taking a trip to Wreck Beach. Believe me when I said we treated him - it's such a horrific flight of stairs to walk up and I was aching for days!

All in all, it has been a very productive few weeks but I have had very little fun. My only fun seems to come from watching Once Upon a Time and drinking shamrock shakes at the moment. Oh and the occasional move night with the lads. High School Musical followed by Easy A - you just cannot kgo wrong! Either way, it's okay. I know once exams are over I'll just have to have an extra 3 months worth of fun and it'll be completely worth it. At least it's Chemiformal on Friday!

How are your second semesters doing? Have you had a bit more fun than I have? Let me know!


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hello there!
I got the Naked 2 palette from the girls back home as a 21st Birthday present and 100% fell in love straight away. I love the shimmery shades but felt like I needed a few more matte shades for those days that I didn't want to shimmer like a disco ball. Obviously, the next move was to pop to my local Sephora and pick up the Basics 2 palette!