Travel // 10 Things to do at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hello there!
Somehow 6 months have passed and I have not posted any photos from my trip to Florida last September. I wont lie, I was most excited about getting to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter again as it had expanded since I'd been last. I thought I'd share a few pointers as to what should and should not be done - specifically focused on the Harry Potter sections at the park. Universal Studios is my favourite theme park to visit in Florida (even if they are changing it beyond recognition!)

1. Get there early
That sounds obvious but seriously, get there early! I was fortunate to go early-mid September so the park was never particularly busy but, of course, as the day continued the park did get busier. I tried to take the majority of my photos first thing in the morning before it got rammed with tourists. It means you have fewer people in your photos and fewer people gawking at you pretending to be scared by a dragon - it just makes sense.

2. Whilst you're there early - get the rides done too.
The queues for the rides can get crazy. The first time I went (4 years ago now? Oh my) there was a 300 minute wait for one ride and it go to the point where I just had to wait in it. The queues are slightly shorter in the morning I have found but it can help to download the Universal Studios app to keep an eye on what wait times are like.

3. Don't rush through the waiting areas
Specifically in WW, they have put so much effort into the queue decor. There is plenty to look at if you do have to wait but even if you don't - walk through it slowly to see as much as possible. If it's quiet, the staff will let you go into the queue just to have a look around and come back out again. Escape from Gringotts is my absolute favourite - it really looks exactly like the film!

4. Try frozen butterbeer (and get the souvenir cup)
Frozen Butterbeer is seriously yummy, sweet and - importantly - cold! It's pretty hot in Florida a lot of the time and the frozen butterbeer is a mix of of hydration and dessert. The souvenir cup does cost quite a bit more but it's pretty sturdy and makes a fantastic pen pot. 

5. Go on the Hogwarts Express in both directions
The Hogwarts Express is a train (okay more like a tram) that transports you between the parks. It is a different ride depending on your direction and really, really well done. Note: you need a park hopper ticket to go on it and they will not let you on without that. You can upgrade there and then but it is quite a hefty price. I understand that you are literally paying however much to literally go on one single ride but it really is a must (for me at least).

6. Really have a look in the shops
No, this doesn't mean the merchandise, but the actual shops themselves. There is so much detail in them all, from the costumes for the staff to the ceilings. You can also try on the robes, take a cheeky snap and then put it back on rack like nothing happened.

7. Get a wand
I haven't gotten a wand before, and never saw a reason to get one. Come on, what 20-something needs a fancy stick in her room? Well, now I wish I had gotten one because they are interactive within the park! There are weird metal things randomly placed around the parks with instructions of spells and when you use the wand they happen! I'll 100% get a wand if I go back in the near future.

8. Don't eat in the restaurants
Controversial I know! I personally am not a fan of the food on offer in WW. If I remember correctly, it was very expensive (compared to other places in the park) and unnecessarily fancy for a theme park. Do go in them for a drink or dessert though - they are great to look at!

9. Don't forget about the shows
There are a couple of shows to be seen that are 15 mins max. The costumes are absolutely fab and watching them is just another added bonus. I'm pretty sure their times are written in the map and the app so keep an eye out. Oh, and keep an eye on the dragon on top of Gringotts.

10. Don't forget about the rest of the park!
I know Harry Potter is amazing and it's so easy to spend all of your time in the WW and never leave but go see everything else. There are some fantastic shows, great rides and characters to meet! 

These are just a few tips on what to and not do if you are lucky enough to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As cliche as it sounds, it really is magical. I have such a great time when I go and always notice new things. It's well worth a visit.

Have you ever been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios? Any tips? Let me know!


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