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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Hello there.
2017 has been crazy hasn't it? I was just sitting here in a hotel, watching The Big Bang Theory re-runs and thought 'my God - when was the last time I wrote a blog post?' It shocked me to see that it was as far back as last summer (insert shocked cat emoji here) and I felt more than a little disappointed in myself for ignoring my blog for so long. I used to put so much effort into posting regularly, taking hundreds of photos a week and engaging with other bloggers most days. However, recently I've been focused on running experiments, drinking too much coffee and watching too much Netflix. Oops.

So, I've decided to start posting again. I've updated my blog layout a little bit. I've got a few posts written and ready to upload. I've properly scheduled blog post writing in hopes I'll keep this up. We'll see - but I'm being optimistic (it's the way I get through most weeks these days.

So, where have I been? 

I moved to Bath and started my PhD! That was a pretty big change. I'm living in possibly the nicest apartment I'll ever live in, forcing myself to get into work before 9am and trying to do as much as I possibly can whilst I have the time to. Sure, some nights I sit in bed watching Netflix and eating salted caramel ice cream (I'm addicted). Other nights I'm in the pub drinking cocktails with great names and playing Jenga. 

I'm absolutely loving doing a PhD so far. Every single day feels like a roller coaster but you cannot beat that feeling when your experiment goes right and does exactly what you want it to and you finally make that one step forward. Sure, I've definitely made more steps backward than forward but I have 2 and a half more years left. I think I'm fine. 

I set myself a few goals at the beginning of the year - like I could help myself.

1. Live a healthier lifestyle
2. Do more things that scare me
3. Spend more time with friends and family

Whilst eating more healthily has been a bit of a bust, I have tried to exercise more. I've started to learn ballroom and latin dance and it is an absolute hoot. It's harder than it looks to follow but when it works...well it works! Honestly, it's the best thing. I come home from class with my feet feeling like they're going to fall off (dancing in heels is pain) but it is so worth it. 

If I tried to write down all of the things that scared me I'd be all day. However, I'm now demonstrating in the undergraduate labs and attempting to teach them good lab habits (and not introducing air into their air sensitive reactions). I'm doing that whole meeting new people thing which is great. I'm also trying to spend less money on clothing and oh my it is so difficult.

Spending more time with friends has made my 2017 great so far. I've already had so many great memories and we're less than 2 months in. Sure, I wish I could see my family more but I have moved to the opposite side of the country after all.

So, if you cannot tell, I have been pretty darn busy since I posted last. I've met countless new people, seen plenty of new cities and been able to experience so many other things that I keep having to pinch myself.

Well, let's hope that 2017 continues in this way. But hopefully, I'm back for good!

How have you been doing? Are there any posts from me that you've missed? Let me know!


  1. LOVIN' the new layout dear!! Good luck with the PhD, sounds like you've had a great start to the new year! Sometimes life kinda gets in the way of the blog but ya know what, that's wonderful thing!!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  2. Glad to hear your PhD is going well, what are you doing it in if you don't mind me asking?

    The same thing happened to me last summer; life gets in the way sometimes and it's ok because you need a break every now and then.


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