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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It's sad but true, but my favourite thing about living in Norwich in May was the fact that my local boots had a NYX stand come in. I had a snoop and ended up picking up a couple of items because I cannot say no to a lip product. I had heard so much about the Matte Lip Creams and so picked up a couple at just £5.50 each. I want a good 5-6 of them, especially the dark reds, but with my limited student budget I tried to be responsible and choose colours I can use now and not in 6 months time.

The two lip creams I picked up were 06 Istanbul and 08 San Paulo. They are both cool-ish toned pinks that have a seriously impressive colour payoff. They are both quite drying and last between 3-4 hours assuming I'm not eating and drinking. They aren't the sort of products that can just be smudged about to make look more presentable - you do need to reapply another layer. However, with their budget friendly price and super easy application that doesn't bother me at all!

San Paulo was my first choice and is the most beautiful red-pink. Due to it's matte finish it looks quite sophisticated on. I had looked everywhere for a nice matte pink and it's nice to finally have one. It is far more drying than I expected and is a little more high maintenance than other products in my collection but the colour is so original, I don't mind. You need to make sure that your lips are prepped prior to application. I always use my Lush lip scrub beforehand to make sure there is no dry skin around for the cream to cling to. As long as I do that, it applies cleanly and like a dream. I usually do two thin layers to get full pigmentation which lasts long enough.

Istanbul was a little bit of an impulse buy. I needed a more wearable pink for when San Paolo was too much (e.g. at work - I don't want to scare customers off do I?). It's darker than I thought it would be but is a lovely colour none-the-less. It isn't as drying as San Paulo and lasts a little longer without a touch up too. What I love about this shade is that it does not budge. I put it on, had a nap, and it didn't melt all over my face. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Again, it's drying and you do need to prep your lips first but as a nudey-pink shade it's rather nice.

Overall, I like both of these lip creams. They are perfectly matte, don't budge or bleed too much and are a pretty good price. Sure, they aren't perfect but I'm glad I have them in my life.

Have you tried anything from NYX? What are your favourite products? Let me know!


  1. I am waiting patiently for my order to arrive, I ordered Cannes which is a peachy nude shade. Every single colour of these is gorgeous and of course, I wanted to purchase all, San Paolo is also a lovely shade and I will probably order this or Milan next :)


    1. There are so many beautiful shades! I want one of the reds next!


  2. The only lip product I've tried from Nyx is Copenhagen in the same range. It is such a gorgeous, deep colour and I've been meaning to pick up a few of the nudes for a while. It looks like a haul might be in store! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. I want one of the reds so much but I'm trying to put off until it's the right time of year to wear them!


  3. San Paulo is a really nice one for summer - I too find that the packaging colour isn't necessarily reflective of the colour of the product inside!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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