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Monday, 13 October 2014

Hello there my lovelies!

Coming up soon is the Spark Sessions conference in Toronto! It brings together Canadian beauty and fashion bloggers and, not gonna lie, I would absolutely love to go! They are currently running a competition (here) that runs until October 14th where you can win a ticket and transport to the conference and I couldn't help but apply!

I thought my entry would include a wish list of items I would love to buy if I got to attend the conference. I have tried to stick to brands that I can buy here in Canada (although I do miss the UK high street absolutely insane amounts!) I have been spending quite a lot of time getting to know the shops in Downtown Van and I want so much (like so much) that my student budget just could not stretch to. However, I think I can let myself buy a few of these bits - they are just so lovely!
Look 1: Okay, I already have a pair of tartan trousers so I wouldn't actually buy these but I would totally wear a pair of tartan trousers If I got to go. I am so in love with mine and they just look so cute with absolutely everything. My favourite way to wear them is with a white shirt and a pair of brogues or I'd love these super cute pointed pumps from Aldo which are in the sale! I have no idea what the weather will be like so layering it with this mustard yellow jumper from H&M will just finish it off nicely (although my feet will get very wet if it's raining - just saying!)

Look 2: I have a big thing about midi skirts right now and this textured one from H&M is just perfect! I would absolutely love to wear it with these Forever 21 sandals and red crop top with a chunky necklace and super luxe tan/pink/wine checked scarf (which I bought yesterday and LOVE). 

Both days I'd take this amazing clutch bag from Chapters which I am 100% obsessed with. Actually, if I am quite honest I am pretty obsessed with absolutely everything from Chapters and could happily live there for the rest of my stay in Canada.

So that is two different looks I'd take with me to the Spark Sessions if I got to go! It sounds like such a fantastic weekend with so many opportunities to meet new bloggers whilst I'm studying in Canada this year. Oh, and did I mention it was over my birthday? Yeah, that's pretty cool. I would absolutely love to attend and if you want to check out their website here to see all the details!

Are you going to the Spark Sessions or want to go? Let me know!

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