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Saturday, 16 April 2016

I think it is fair to say 2016 is the year of the brows. I had not touched mine since the age of 16 and got them tamed for the first time in the new year. Since then, I have been utterly obsessed! I cannot leave the house without some sort of product on my brows because for something so insignificant, they make such a difference. So, here we are 3 months later with a little bit of a brow product collection. I thought I'd give you guys a little review on each one because products for blonde brows are not the easiest to find!

Benefit Gimme Brow (Light/Medium)
This is my priciest but favourite product. It's a tinted brow gel which acts to thicken, fill and shape your brows in one step. It's pretty easy to layer up to get darker colours but is an absolute dream when it comes to tidying up a few stray hairs. I use light strokes against the direction of my hair to get as much product on each individual hair before flattening them down. It also adheres to your skin if you need to elongate the tail a little bit (like me). Whilst it is the priciest option, it is 100% my favourite. I don't worry about it budging too much during the day and is oh so easy to apply.

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade (Blonde)
This product is one of Maybelline's new collection. It's basically a thick, creamy chubby stick for your brows. I find it's a good product for filling in and slightly altering the shape of my brows and is quite a good colour match. It's a nice ashy blonde rather than a red-toned blonde which gives me the dreaded ginger brow. It costs about £7 and you do not get the biggest amount of product. However, for the price it isn't too bad at all. I'm not entirely certain that will happen once the nib dulls down, maybe it'll need a sharpen or a brow brush!

Maybelline Brow Satin (dark blonde)
This product is another one of the new releases and a little strange. It has a pencil for you to outline and partially fill followed by a smokey eyeshadow to blend and continue to fill. It has a slightly more red tone but still isn't a bad match for me. It is not my favourite and I find the shadow a bit meh but due to the fine pencil I can get more definition if I need it! Again, it's about £7 but I very much doubt I'd buy it again.

Soap and Glory brow Archery (Blonde)
This is one of the many brow archery sets with both a twistable pencil and liquid pen. I still haven't got the hang of this but whenever I do wear it, it stays for quite a while. I don't know if I have a dodgy pen but it doesn't seem to have much pigment. Does anyone use this and want to give me a few tips of the trade!?

So those are the products that make up my brow product collection. It's great to see so much out there for those of us with blonde brows. Mine are a little on the darker side but all four products work pretty well on me. I'll be honest that Gimme brow is my favourite even though it's the most expensive. It doesn't give you a super defined shape but tidies up stray hairs, tints and lasts for a long time!

What are your favourite brow products? Let me know!


  1. I've heard great things about Gimme Brow - definitely something I need to try for myself. x


    1. I love it - it's so quick and easy to apply!


  2. I don't pluck my brows but I work SO hard to maintain it's structure. I love Benefit Gimme Brow, I should most definitely pick it up soon! <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. How do you keep them structured if you don't shape them? Tell me your secrets please!



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