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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hello there!
I was tagged by the lovely Lauren at An Impatient Scot to do this tag and could not pass it up!
This was such a fun tag to do but has gotten me quite sad that I have no actual gigs booked up right now... but here it is! Sure, I was just at Reading Festival but I was working so it doesn't count.

1. What was your first concert and how old were you?
I think my first concert was the BBC Prom in the Park where S Club Juniors were playing. I was OBSESSED with S Club Juniors when I was younger. I remember my parents surprised me with a trip to London and then we went to Hyde Park and I went nuts. I couldn't have been older than 8 I think... but I'm not too sure.

2. What was your best concert?
I'm stuck between two - either Civil Twilight or Haim. I saw Civil Twilight at Jannus Live in St. Pete's, Florida and although they were just the support slot and I had never heard of them before I was amazed! They are absolutely amazing live and you should check them out asap. I also saw Haim on campus at the LCR and they are absolutely amazing. I had seen them a couple of times beforehand at festivals but their own live shows are something else. They just rocked out for 10 minutes in the middle of their set. It was crazy.

3. Have you ever been a VIP and met the performer? If so, who?
I have been VIP twice (once without even realising!) The first was at a Fightstar gig on Halloween just before my 16th birthday. I got put on guest list and turned up in costume (it was Halloween after all) and when I went to the door I was told I had tickets to the after party in the bar too. Surprised much? After the gig I popped up to the after party and met the guys from Fightstar, chilled with Saving Aimee (I used to love them!) and ended up talking to Gustav from Young Guns for ages too - it was such a fun night! I also got VIP for Elliot Minor a couple of times too - I was a super huge fan (I was young okay!)

4. Who would you love to see in concert?
I have been dying to see Chvrches for so long. I have loved them since Recover was first released and have managed to miss them every single time they've toured. I also really want to see George Ezra ASAP - I love him! Oh, and Amber Run too.

5. What is your go to outfit for a concert?
Usually I go for jeans, boots and a tee/shirt or a cute dress and boots. I want to be comfy but still looking good. I don't go down to the front anymore - I'm way too old for that! 

6. Last concert you went to?
I actually managed to pick up a couple of tickets for the secret Ed Sheeran show before X came out. I took Chris for his 21st birthday (he took me to see Ed Sheeran for my 18th - weird right!) and it was such a good show. He is another guy who is AMAZING live.

7. Future concerts?
Because of the whole not knowing if I was moving to Vancouver I haven't been able to book any gigs and there are so many I am desperate to go to but I cannot because I'm here! I am desperate to see The 1975 as they are playing Vancouver over my 21st birthday weekend. If anyone would like to locate me tickets I would be so, so, so, so, so appreciative! (I love them - they are brilliant live!)

8.Which artist/group would you love to meet?
I'd love to meet Pharrell - he seems like he'd be such a laugh. I'd love to meet Ed Sheeran too - he seems so down to Earth. There are so many people I'd love to meet but there are really too many to list! 

Who do you tag?
Anyone who wants to do this! You go!


  1. I haven't listened to Ed's latest album but I would love to see him live!!

    1. You really should! I didn't like it straight away but it definitely grew on me. There are some really great tracks on it!



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